The Experience of Virtual Reality: Viewing virtual worlds

The current rise of popularity of virtual reality can be placed squarely upon one factor, the availability of hardware that can delivery on the promises first »

The Experience of Virtual Reality: First Steps

Recently Virtual Reality has seen a new renaissance. This, it can safely be said, is because the technology has finally caught up with the early visions. »

UX books worth reading

Here are some recommended User Experience Books. Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability (Voices That Matter) Steve Krug This is an »

10 bits of advice for UK UX contractors

Why I wrote this. It’s 2015 and, after a few years as a contractor I’ve given up on being paid well and being able »

System Thinking and UX part 2: System Traps and advice on how to avoid them

In the first part of this article on System Thinking we started with a hypothesis that many projects become ‘addicted’ to ‘Surface Thinking’. The interface instead »

System Thinking and UX Part 1: Exploring Systems and Our Addictions

I have a hypothesis. It is that the best path to the simplest user experience is through understanding the whole experience and that we are addicted »

The Apple Watch: We're Not There Yet

I may eat my words but my view is that the new Apple Watch is very much work in progress. I am an owner of a »

Book Review: Thinking in Systems by Donella H Meadows

This is a review of Thinking in Systems by Donella H Meadows. This book is a wonderful guide that, if read fully, will change your outlook »

Startup Diary 2: First Sketches and Big Admin

First Published November 1st 2013 The picture above is a snap shot of the chaos that was the dining room table a couple of weeks ago. »

Startup Diary 1: Rabbit Holes, Rockets and Rock Bands

First posted 30th October 2013 This is a first blog post about my startup, sharing some of the thinking that's going into it and mixing a »

UX and the Engineering Mindset (Evidence Based Design)

First posted: August 30 2013 In the past creating software, websites or products has been treated like a technical challenge, the task of designing then creating »

Lean Lean UX

First Published July 8th 2013 Lean UX is a new name for things many are saying are not new. It is an attempt to refocus user »


Getting the interface right means breaking down the divide. Note: First published Jan 25th, 2012 This is an article about TV experiences and how currently there »

Cloud based interfaces – a game changer.

First Published Sep 23rd, 2011 First a bit of history. In about 1997/98 I attended a conference on interactive TV. Presenting at the conference was »

Skill Based Interfaces

first posted 10th December 2009 I’ll be aiming to use this blog as a scrap book of different ideas I’ve mulled over through the »

So what do you do?

Originally posted: 18 Jan 2009. Note: since writing this being a User Experience person now has new challenges as it often gets confused with User Interface »